Shaheen Bagh is not a coincidence, but an experiment and a conspiracy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at a rally at New Delhi that the ongoing protests at Shaheen Bagh is a political experiment and not a coincidence.

He further said that both the Aam Admi Party and the Congress are fuelling the demonstrators. This is a conspiracy and there is a political design to it, which will ruin the harmony of the nation, Modi also said.

Misinformation campaign:

The police while probing the issue of JNU student Sharjeel Imam had found that he was spreading false information over the newly amended citizenship law. He had claimed that Muslims would be put in detention centres and killed in Assam.

Delhi Police also learnt that Imam was deliberately provoking Muslims. Further, a pamphlet found on his person stated that the Muslim political and religious leadership was disappointing.

Imam has also been accused of stating that the new law is discriminatory to Muslims. He speaks about a non-existent scenario in which he says that Muslims would be put in detention camps. He then goes on to provoke the Muslims by stating that there is enough cause for a strong reaction from the Muslims in the wake of the Ayodhya verdict, abrogation of Article 370 and the new citizenship law.

Provoking the Muslims:

Citing the new citizenship law, many radicals have run a sustained campaign to drive fear in the minds of Muslims. There are scores of Muslims who have been misled by the likes of Imam.

In pamphlets written in both Urdu and English, Imam urges the students of Jamia Millia to protest. He says that a call has been given from the Jamia Jama Masjid. Join us in large numbers for a disruptive protest, he also urged.

Several radicals have also brought the Ayodhya issue into the protests. One must remember that the Ayodhya verdict was delivered in November 2019. There was a single incident of violence that was reported at that time or in the weeks that followed.

Many Muslims are aware that the citizenship law does not affect them. The Ayodhya issue has been brought into the ongoing protests only with an intention of provoking the Muslims.

There is a sustained effort by the political parties to polarise the matter and influence the Muslims to ensure it becomes a nationwide issue. This is the political experiment that the Prime Minister was referring to in his speech in Delhi on Monday.

Never meant to be peaceful:

Almost all protests around the citizenship law have turned violent. The police officials from Delhi and Uttar Pradesh who are privy to the investigations tell MyNation that many came with a clear intent of inciting violence.

No one comes for a peaceful protest with non-prohibited bore ammunition. Lethal weapons were found during the protests in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka. In the UP case it was found that some leaders of the Samajwadi Party were involved in the violence. It was the handiwork of both the mainstream politicians as well as radical elements, the investigations had found.

This once again points to the fact that there is a political experiment on by the Opposition to deliberately spread misinformation and incite violence. Not only do these persons want to make the Muslims insecure, but also ensure that they come out on the streets and indulge in violence. This was the point the PM was making when he said that there is a conspiracy and there is a political design to it, which will ruin the harmony of the nation, Modi also said.

Even the terrorists are experimenting:

Since day one, the Intelligence Bureau has been warning that terror and radical groups would infiltrate these protests. Such groups would infiltrate such protests and brainwash people.

The Students Islamic Movement of India thrives on the insecurity of the Muslims. The proscribed group has used this as a tool to recruit scores of Muslims into their outfit. When there is such panic that has been created, the SIMI tends to activate its local modules and send out its recruiters.

The SIMI still enjoys a large clout in several Muslim dominated areas of UP and Delhi. Those spreading this misinformation campaign and increasing insecurity among the Muslims should know that they are providing perfect fodder for terror groups to increase their recruitments. What the agencies worry about is that they have fought a long battle to put groups such as the SIMI and Indian Mujahideen down. Now for the sake of their petty politics, these political groups are creating a pathway for these groups to raise their ugly heads once again.