Jaipur: The political stir in Rajasthan between chief minister Ashok Gehlot and Ex PCC chief Sachin Pilot continues. The chief minister has gone on to verbally attack Pilot. However, as of now, Pilot has not made any remark against Gehlot and the Congress.
Gehlot has seemingly become restless and his recent statement against Pilot clearly shows that he does not want Sachin Pilot as a competitor in state politics.
The Congress is still in silent mode over Sachin Pilot’s actions, while top leaders are trying to manage the current political battle of Rajasthan, where the government has reportedly lost the support of 19 MLAs.
Party leaders have realised that though it has narrowly escaped the political crisis for the moment, the problem is a never ending one in the state. Independent MLAs who are in support of the government may, at any time, choose to withdraw their support to Gehlot.
The Congress knows of Pilot’s strength in Rajasthan as well as the support of the Gujjar community he has. The Gujjar vote bank is considered the reason for Congress coming to power during the last Assembly election.

However, reports state that top leaders of the opposition have been trying to initiate dialogue with the rebel Pilot, with lucrative proposals. However, Pilot’s stance seems to state that his fight is about seeking justice for dishonour more than going against the party.

Chief minister Gehlot wants control of the entire party and the government, no doubt. After removal of Sachin Pilot as Pradesh Congress Committee chief, Gehlot appointed his henchman for this key position. Gehlot, putting his trusted aide for the post, in doing so, has sidelined Pilot supporters from the party.
It is being considered a golden chance for CM Gehlot by which he could eliminate his rival from state politics for the near future. He has also not missed out on opportunities to attack Pilot. This is despite the party leadership taking a soft stand against Pilot.
CM Gehlot slammed Pilot and alleged he was conspiring with the BJP to topple the Congress government in the state. However, Pilot has denied Gehlot’s accusations calling them baseless.