Despite it being none of their business, the western mainstream media has gone to town about our immigration policy, the newly amended citizenship law and everything else that concerns our country, India.

What the western media does get but won’t tell is that the Hindus have been persecuted for years by Muslims in India. It is nothing new and it has happened for over eight centuries now. Busting the narrative by the western mainstream media, Fox News has put out a brilliant article titled, “Muslim Persecution of Hindus in India—The Story You Won’t See In the Western Mainstream Media. The article is authored by Phyllis Chester, Ph.D.

The article in brief:

The author speaks about Muslims who are penetrating India’s West Bengal region. These illegal Bangladeshis have become conduits for criminal activities, arms, drugs and sexual slavery, which also funds global jihad. The article says that there are very few brave Hindus who are taking a stand and one of them is Tapan Ghosh.

The article while citing Ghosh says that the Muslim persecution of Hindus in India is nothing new. Over a period of 800 years, millions of Hindus were slaughtered by Muslims as infidels or converted by the sword. The liberation movement for Bangladesh was characterised by an escalation of atrocities against the Hindus. Further the article speaks about the Muslim rioting during Hindu festivals, destruction of temples etc.

You can read the Fox News article here:

Demographic jihad:

Radical Muslims have come out violently on the streets to protest the citizenship law, which aims at giving a home to persecuted minorities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The Muslims are excluded because they are not a persecuted minority in these countries. What is most important is that this law does not affect a single Muslim in India.

So, what exactly is the mainstream western media trying to portray? How is this law even discriminatory to a single Muslim in India? What narrative are they trying to set? Why is it that this section of the media does not speak about the persecution of Hindus, both in India as well as in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan? Why is that India has no right to take a stand against illegal immigration from Bangladesh. These 2 crore illegal immigrants are part of the demographic jihad. They want to outnumber the Hindus in specific areas and take over so that the Sharia law can be enforced. It has been systematic on the part of the ISI, DGFI and the Jamaat-e-Islamic since the late 1970s to crowd India with illegal immigrants.

Telling statistics being ignored:

In 2010, the Pakistan Human Rights council said that every month 25 Hindu girls are raped and forcibly converted. In 2010, 60 Hindus were attacked and evicted from their homes in Karachi. In 2005, 32 Hindu girls were killed by firing from the government side at Balochistan. In 2019, a Hindu teacher was attacked, and three Hindu Temples were vandalised in Ghotki.

On February 6, 2010, The Sonargaon Temple in Narayanganj District, Bangladesh was destroyed by radical Islamists. A report in 2017 said that 107 Hindus were killed and 31 were victims of enforced disappearance in Bangladesh. 782 Hindus were forced or threatened to leave the country. 25 Hindu women and children were raped. 235 temples were vandalised. Until 2017, the total atrocities committed against Hindus in Bangladesh stood at 6,437.

Afghanistan in the year 2001 passed a law whereby Hindus had to wear yellow badges in public in order to identify themselves. The Hindu women were forced to dress according to the Islamic hijab. The widespread protests however led to the law being shunned later.

Forced conversions:

When one speaks about the demographic jihad being unleashed in India, it becomes important to discuss both conversions and illegal immigration. The idea is to increase the Muslim population in India. In the next 20 to 30 years, these radicals would like to see a population of Muslims in India that stands at nearly 40%. Between Independence and 2001, the Muslim population in India rose from 7% to 14%. This was owing to the natural rise and also forced conversions.

Adding to this problem is the rise in the number of illegal immigrants. Most of them are today well settled in states like West Bengal. A similar colony has come up in Udaipur as well. In Bengal there have been instances of land jihad, whereby illegal immigrants with the support of the local Muslims have driven Hindus away from their lands. This is clearly an attempt to increase the geographic spread and unleash demographic jihad in India.

The problem does not look small- doesn’t it? India is only trying to rid itself of this grave problem of illegal immigration that has been put under the carpet by successive governments owing to vote bank politics. India only wants to give a home to the persecuted minorities from the three countries, so that they lead a dignified life. Why does this worry the western mainstream media? Firstly, it is none of their business and secondly, India has clearly done no wrong in addressing these issues. One tends to wonder is the anger spiralling out of the fact that the Modi government has tightened the norms on foreign funding for NGOs, who have for long been setting a false narrative in India?