A few years ago, as a young boy who was just out of the country in pursuit of education and job, far away from his homeland, I relied on Netflix as a source of entertainment. It helped me in times when I was homesick. But, back then, the content was very carefully curated! Never once did I feel that it violated anybody’s sensitivity! But now, Netflix has become a grooming instrument for the younger generation. The content now on Netflix is slowly and steadily poisoning the minds of our youth.

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Netflix is a rage in India, and the younger generation is absolutely hooked onto it. In fact, India has one of the highest overall time spend on Netflix around the world. But, with great power comes great responsibility, and Netflix seems to be ignoring it all. An OTT giant, which has such a high user base, should be careful while streaming its content. Unfortunately, a lot of the content on this platform are misleading for the youth and they are being further pushed away from their culture. The content is Hinduphobic, anti-India and anti-Indian Army, and this is absolutely unacceptable.

Let us start with the sensational Sacred Games, which is directed by Leftist Propagandist Anurag Kashyap. In the second season of Sacred Games, we saw the term Aham Brahmasmi used to radicalise and brainwash people in a war against humanity. Immediately after the series ended, the internet was filled with memes on Aham Brahmasmi. If we go down pages of our scriptures, we will see what Aham Brahmasmi truly means. The term is used to refer to the holy union of oneself with God. It signifies us being one with our creator! And that here has been used to destroy humanity!

Now let us look into the stand-up special of Hasan Minaj, who is a known Leftist. He was peddling false propaganda against the revolutionary step of abolishing Article 370. He also said that after Narendra Modi came to power, India is being hostile to its minorities! It is statements like these which create unnecessary phobia and tension. Not once has PM Modi discriminated against minorities. Instead, he stood like a rock against those who were violated in the past! All his policies have been to uplift the society and for the holistic development of our citizens!

Let us now jump into the dystopian world of Leila, a mythological series where the daughter born to a Hindu Muslim couple is taken away by Hindu nationalists to be brainwashed in a camp. They use the slogan Jai Aryavart, which refers to a state where people are discriminated on the basis of their religion and all the antagonists adorn Hindu outfits. The entire series is portraying Hinduism in a negative light. It is nothing but an anti-Hindu propaganda.

And the final one on this list is Ghoul. They try to portray that in order to curb Islamic terrorism in India, the country targets their own Muslim citizens leaving them devoid of fundamental rights. They also paint an extremely negative image of the Indian Army, while showing how custodial killings are the bread and butter of the Indian Army.

Netflix is consistent in its Hinduphobic and anti-Indian content and tends to side with the so-called “liberals” of our society. We have seen complaints being raised time and again against Netflix for its content, but now the time has come where content on OTT should be regulated. Netflix has a vast customer base in India, specifically those who are incredibly young and vulnerable. We should not let them be led astray from their own roots. So, we should indeed take care of what they are consuming. Therefore, I urge the ministry of information and broadcasting to make a note of such blasphemous content and see that our children do not have any misconceptions about our society and its customs.

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Abhinav Khare is the CEO of Asianet News Network and also the host of a daily show named Deep Dive with AK. He has a lifetime collection of books and gadgets and has already pinged more than hundred cities around the globe. 

He is a tech entrepreneur, who is passionate about policy, technology, economy and philosophy from ancient India. He earned an MS Engineering from the ETH Zurich and an MBA Finance from the London Business School.