New Delhi: Amirah Sajad, a political science student of Hindu College, endorses post calling Handwara martyrs ‘war criminals’.

"Why are you all obsessed with glorifying war criminals? These forces have illegally occupied and committed gross human rights violations in Kashmir for 70+ years. And yet the one who picks up the gun to liberate Kashmir is a terrorist to you and these are martyrs? Make it make sense,” the post read.

The same post was also put up by Mahoor Parvez, studying law at Jamia Milia Islamia, who has now deleted her Instagram and other social media profiles. Parvez earlier interned with a law firm, Khaitan & Co, which has later distanced itself after her hateful comments on Indian Armed Forces went viral.

It is unfortunate and highly disgraceful that amidst the coronavirus outbreak, there is another rampantly increasing virus outbreak in India. While Covid-19 is a threat to people’s lives and country’s economy, this deadly virus of Islamic separatist ideology is a threat to the integrity, unity and sovereignty of India.

While we have witnessed this dangerous, anti-nationalist ideological warfare being manifested with pride on various occasions in the past, be it Sharjeel Imam's call to Muslims, inciting them to cut Assam from India or other Islamists asking Muslims to assert their number against the Hindus and Indian state which resulted in the anti-Hindu riots in Delhi resulting in brutal killings of Hindus in several parts of Delhi, now all these intellectual Islamists are under lockdown due to Covid-19. Their only available medium to operate is through social media while the terrorists wage a simultaneous on-ground separatist movement against India in Kashmir.

It has to be noted that premier institutions all over the nation are harboring such anti-national spirited individuals and organisations. They breed the poisonous Islamic separatist ideology in young minds in the garb of intellectualism, human rights for terrorists and rapists, etc.

The cacophony of undefined secularism, equality, misplaced concerns for human rights produce disastrous results as we can see. Education has nothing to do with the ideological thought process of these students. They take freedom of speech to be a tool to disintergrate the nation and to attack its sovereignty. 

It has to be observed that this is not the first incident where Islamists have asserted themselves so openly. A few months ago I was harrased and heckled by them for organising a remembrance meet on the occasion of 30th year of exodus of Kashmiri Pandits who were brutally massacred, raped and forced to flee from their homeland by the same militants and their sympathisers that these students idolise as "liberators of Kashmir". 

Not only this, the separatist slogans, the slogans which often trivialize and normalise the sufferings of lakhs of victims of Islamic separatist movement in the valley  are being normalised in the University spaces.The slogans are repetitively used on social media and during protests.The Left aligned media defends them by giving crooked logic and calling this anti-India warfare "dissent".

The insensitivity and apathy have become so deep-rooted that these millennials find it cool to protest against security measure of internet ban in the Kashmir valley and deployment of army in Kashmir in almost all their protests while never being thoughtful about the thirty years of intellectual silence on the exodus of Kashmiri Hindus as well as multiple massacres of Hindus in the valley which happen every now and then. The so-called minority right activists choose to ignore the brutality and communal crimes against the Kashmiri Hindus by local Muslims who are a majority in the region.

Victims of the Islamic expansionism and separatist ideology and movement who come forward to speak about their trauma and loss are shamed and labelled as Islamophobic; outright declaring their genuine fears as irrational. This happens in the universities to ensure that their issues and the truth of Islamic terrorism never becomes a part of political and educational discourse, further pushing them down to the dark road of silence and agony. The Islamists in the educational institutions and media have made sure that the pain, sufferings and loss of not only life, but dignity, a home, a homeland goes not only unsympathised, but also unacknowledged by the general public. Hindu College is no different. 

The nexus of Marxist-Islamist professors and researchers is also trying its best to pollute the young minds, pushing forward its political agenda of dividing India. These Muslim students call out our armymen, who have lost their lives in carrying out a rescue operation to save the civilians from the militants (who are trying to carve out another Islamic state out of India) and are hailed as "freedom fighters" by Kashmiri Muslims. These armymen are not war criminals like these radicalised minds want you to believe but these armymen have been the first victims of the Islamic radicalisation and separatist movement in the Kashmir valley. They are dutybound to face the stone-pelting by the radicalised Kashmiri Muslims who rally in support of militants, glorify the militants and celebrate them as "Shaheed" to encourage the Muslim youth to take up arms in order to wage a war against the India.

Education is a remedy to terrorism for many but they never wish to acknowledge the fact that be it Abu Bakr Al Bhagdadi or Osama Bin Laden, be it Afzal Guru or Yakub Memon, Burhan Wani or Sharjeel Imam, they have all had their share of education, but a radicalised mind cannot see beyond destruction, killings, blood and terror. 

This process of radicalisation unfortunately has been normalised in the educational institutions and it is a process which starts before our very eyes and we choose to ignore it because we are disoriented by the misplaced notions of an individual's freedom of speech, by a propaganda which whitewashes Islamic terrorism and fails to acknowledge its causes and affects in the name of "Islamophobia" and a distorted Marxist history which fails to recognise the truth of Islamic terrorism across the nation so that lessons can be learnt and the same mistakes avoided. The intellectual terrorism clawing at the sovereignty and integrity of India by claiming and popularising the farce notion of Bharat never being a united ancient entity, a nationality is complicit in the attempts of separatists to break India. 

I have closely observed the journey of a lot of students from feminism to Islamism, Communism to Naxalism, from Bhagat Singh to Jinnah, from Kalam to Malcom, from "Aazad Desh me Aazadi" to "Aazad Desh se Aazadi". I have seen Islamists who control and sometimes lead these movements from behind the curtains spewing venom against Indians who do not sympathise with the Islamic militancy which is being waged implicitly in the educational institutions and explicitly in Kashmir.
The Islamic militancy is being normalised througout India by a series of steps and I would like to mention them here so that the symptoms are recognized, the problem acknowledged and a solution developed and implemented.The following ideas can be easily recognized in the Islamist intellectualism of Universities which works to radicalise the youth:

1. Promotion and institutionalisation of Hindu-hatred to an extent that it normalises hate crimes against Hindus and doesn't recognize them as hate crimes and develops insensitivity towards Hindu victims of communal hatred.

2. Normalising the idea of disintegrating India in the name of self-determination to pave way for the Islamic expansionists to wage Jihad.

3. Weaponising the term "Islamophobia" to suppress and shame the victims whose fear of Islam is not irrational but is solely based on their experience of what Islamic radicalisation did to them. So,victims stay silent about their sufferings and trauma which makes it easy for the Islamists to whitewash Islamic radicalisation. This also removes the issue of Islamic  terrorism from political discourse.

4. After shaming and silencing the real victims, the next thing is humanising the terrorists, presenting them as the victims, this is a new media fad, talking about how good a father, teacher, son a terrorist was. They don't care about the agony and trauma of the victims but instead enjoy presenting the perpetrators as victims.

5. Deriding army personnel of their humanity and presenting them as perpetrators while employing the forever twisted plot of misplaced concerns for human rights for those who massacred an entire community of Kashmiri Hindus and proposed to them either conversion to Islam or death, ignoring the multiple attempts at genocides of the Kashmiri Hindus, brutality with Hindus in valley and regular mass killings, Islamisation of Kashmir at the cost of its Hindu origin and roots.

They work toward developing public sentiments for the terrorists, militants and separatist leaders in the name of protecting their human rights and freedom of expression.

6. Sympathising and glorification of terrorist sympathisers and giving them social acceptance and a platform to propagate and promote their views which influences more young people to join their league, thinking they will get stardom and will be hailed as heroes or sheroes of this 'breaking India' revolution.

7. Accepting and promoting the Aazadi slogans which perpetrated hatred towards India and have been a militant expression of separatist movement. The slogans originated in the Kashmiri valley and were raised even when Kashmiri Hindus were being brutally butchered. Acceptance of such slogans and decontextualising them is a deliberate attempt to normalise and develop acceptance for Islamic separatist movement.

8. Popularising a false Islamic identity of Kashmir to suppress its Hindu history and culture, this has been done through a series of steps, be it changing the Hindu names of towns and places to Urdu or Arabic names, to equate Kashmiri to Kashmiri Muslims forgetting that this regional identity is shared by Hindus as well, all this to promote an idea that Kashmir was always an Islamic land and that's why Kashmiri Muslims have a sole right over this land. This subsequently makes the youth, who have not read about the history of Kashmir and the mass genocides and forced conversions of Kashmiri Hindus, to think that the Hindu majority nation has occupied the land which was never a Hindu majority region and thus, "Free Kashmir" is a justified claim.

9. Now since the separatist thought has been imbibed in the popular discourse of educational institutions and media, the youth further gets motivated to support this ideology. Radicalisation is complete. 

We have to realise that we are losing lives by not recognizing the truth of Islamic terrorism. As long as we don't solve the root cause and keep ignoring it and accepting anti-national ideas, thoughts and slogans as freedom of expression, we will never be able to stop this Islamic expansionism. 
Freedom of expression is a right but  a people cannot enjoy it at the cost of the integrity of the sovereign state which ensures them this right. That is too high and unjustifiable a cost to pay. We cannot keep sacrificing innocent duty bound and patriotic army personnel of this nation to save the terrorist Sympathisers who are potential militants and harbor and celebrate militancy.

Deepika Sharma is a student of Hindu College, DU, BA(P) 3rd year.