Bengaluru: From Khilafat 2.0 to Azadi, the protests around the amended citizenship law has seen all sorts of sloganeering. 

The Congress has been accused of fanning sentiments in a bid to create fear in the minds of the Indian Muslims claiming that the new law would have a direct bearing on their existence in India. It has been made clear several times that the new law does not affect Indian Muslims and is only aimed at granting citizenship to the religiously persecuted minorities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

The policy of concession:

BR Ambedkar had rightly written in 1940 about the weakness of the Congress in its dealing with the Muslim community. He wrote that the policy of concession has increased Muslim aggressiveness. 

What is worse is that the Muslims interpret these concessions as a sign of defeatism on the part of the Hindus and the absence of the will to resist. This policy of appeasement will involve the Hindus in the same situation of fear in which the allies found themselves as a result of the policy of appeasement which they adopted towards Hitler, he also wrote.

The words of Ambedkar however had no bearing on the Congress and it continued with the concessions such as separate laws, Hajj subsidy, autonomous regulatory regime for minority institutions, just to name a few. To make matters worse, the Congress' policies included the taking over of the temples and using the money for the so called secular schemes.

It went on to open minority institutions, which have over the years become hubs of communal activities and education. The result is there for all to see today. The protests at the Jamia Millia University and the Aligarh Muslim University is what led to the provocation as a result of which a nation burns today. Although a legitimate law was passed.

The policy of concession that the Congress so blatantly and brazenly supported and implemented has only led to the Muslims being aggressive. They feel that the Hindus too easily give away things. Further, such policies have also led to separatism and this was there for everyone to see in Kashmir, where the likes of Geelani or Yasin Mallik fed off the Indian government and ensured that Kashmir burnt and our soldiers died.

It is Khilafat 2.0:

The Khilafat movement was an agitation by the Indian Muslims to put pressure on the British government to preserve the authority of the Ottoman Sultan as the Caliph of Islam after World War 1.

The movement was criticised by many who viewed it as a political agitation based on a pan-Islamist, fundamentalist platform and being largely indifferent to the cause of the Indian Independence movement. Apart from it being viewed as a movement that led to the establishment of a separate Muslim state (Pakistan), it was also seen as an alliance with the Congress as a marriage of convenience. 

Now coming back to the protests that are ongoing, one has witnessed slogans such as Azadi and Khilafat 2.0. The Khilafat 2.0 is a slogan that has been used a lot by both the Kerala Muslims part of the Islamic State and the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI). Both these terror groups have propagated Khilafat and the word finds a mention in all their recruitment guides.

The Intelligence Bureau has cautioned against the presence of the SIMI and other radical groups in this movement. The presence of the SIMI is dangerous as the group has not only been propagating Khilafat for long, but has also been looking to make a comeback.

There were media reports that a woman in a hijab who has been depicted as a hero of the protest has links with the radical Jamaat-e-Islami.

Too indulgent:

If you have two sons and indulge more towards one, what happens. If you deliberately pamper one and not the other, what would happen. This is what has happened with the Indian Muslims today, who have been pampered all along, says former officer with the research and analysis wing, Amar Bhushan.

Bhushan said that amidst all this madness, the Hindus are deliberately quiet. They want everyone to see the aggression and want people to know that this is what we have to deal with in future.

The problem in Assam is the direct inheritance of what the Muslim League did. They rehabilitated the Muslims and not the Hindus. Successive Congress governments have done the same also. This brings us to the question, why does Modi win elections. If he is all wrong, why does he win. This is because people see him as someone who can protect their interests, Bhushan added.

Plain idiotic:

Look at Sonia Gandhi and her idiotic comments on the NRC. She talks nonsense and shows solidarity with violence. Ramchandra Guha said that he had gone for a protest. What is the protest about? Has Yediyurappa not given him food or have the traffic police fined him arbitrarily, Bhushan asked.

If the protest is about the police action, then wait for an inquiry commission and then go to court. What is he protesting about? Does he want 1.88 crore illegal Bangladeshi migrants to get Indian citizenship?

There has been too much of pampering of the Muslims and this will only harden the position of the Hindus. When it comes to the crunch, more Hindus will not vote for the Congress and these other parties fanning the violence, said Amar Bhushan.

BJP MP Subramanian Swamy had said that for 800 years the Hindus were ruled by Muslims and Christians. Yet they could convert only 15% to 20%. That percentage now is part of Pakistan and Bangladesh. 

Amar Bhushan said that he was watching a Pakistan anchor. He said that the Indian Muslims are having the best time in India when compared to other Islamic countries. They can commit all this aggression there. Does Imran Khan really think the Indian Muslims will go to Pakistan? The Muslims are committing the biggest disservice to the country. What I must appreciate is that the Hindus are cleverly quiet, Amar Bhushan said.