Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a startling remark about the protests relating to the newly amended citizenship law. He said that the Congress, its allies, educated Naxalites living in the cities - urban Naxals are spreading rumours that the Muslims will be sent to detention camps.

Do read what the Act is about, Modi advised these persons while stating that they should value their education. The rumours of detention centres are being spread by the urban Naxals and Congress, Modi also said. 

Infiltrating the protest:

For the Congress, ensuring that the protests turn violent was part of its main agenda. The issues that the Congress has raised with regard to the Muslims is baseless, far from the truth and a blatant lie. The act makes no mention about the Indian Muslims.

While the Congress continues to spread lies, the bigger worry is the manner in which the Islamic radicals and urban Naxalites have infiltrated the protests. It is they who have been fanning the violence, and what is worse is that public property is damaged in the bargain. Further there has been a deliberate attempt on the part of the protesters to ensure that the violence is high so that people die, and the government is blamed.

On the other hand, terrorist groups such as the Students Islamic Movement of India too have infiltrated the protests. Six persons from West Bengal who were arrested in Uttar Pradesh have close links with the SIMI. These persons were in the possession of illegal firearms and the motive was clear, the UP government has said. The intent was clear, and these persons wanted to kill people as part of the protest and blame the government and police for the same.

There has been a sustained effort on the part of these anti-national elements to ensure that the protests turn violent. Take for instance, in Bengaluru, a 31-year-old man was attacked with sharp weapons by a group of people, while he was returning after taking part in a rally in support of the Act.

To ensure that the violence is fanned, people are killed, and public property is damaged, the urban Naxals and groups such as the SIMI have infiltrated the CAB protests.

The urban Naxalites:

The urban Naxalites are the most dangerous elements in this protest. Since the year 2018, the urban Naxalites have run a sustained campaign to undermine the Union Government. The strategy of the Urban Naxalites has been to incite violence under the garb of a peaceful protest. This lethal ploy was first witnessed when these persons tried to fan Dalit sentiments during the Bhima Koregaon violence. The intent was to ensure that there was a major Dalit uprising across the country and the only agenda was to embarrass the government.

The presence of these elements has also been witnessed in the ongoing protests. It began in Assam, with a pro-Naxalite outfit being run by Akhil Gogoi entering the protest arena. An officer with the National Investigation Agency who is investigating the case tells MyNation the Naxalites had infiltrated the protests. It is because of this that protests turn violent.

Further, they have tied up with radical Islamic organisations and have infiltrated these protests. The Naxalites and groups such as the SIMI have worked closely on this issue and ensured that violence erupts in many parts of the country. Further if one also looks at the pattern, the protests have turned violent only in the BJP ruled states. The Congress ruled states have remained largely peaceful and this clearly indicates that there is a pattern behind these protests. 

The SIMI is desperate and dangerous:

A report by the Intelligence Bureau prepared last week speaks about the role of the SIMI and other radical Islamic groups in this protest. The report says that the SIMI has infiltrated this protest.

The report speaks about the SIMI sending its cadres from various parts of the country, especially West Bengal to the protest venues. The primary role of the SIMI is to fan Muslim sentiments, ensure that the protest turns violent and then recruit in the name of persecution.

The presence of these radical groups was seen at the Seelampur and also during the protests that erupted at the minority institutions. Several members of the SIMI have been closely associated with these institutions in the past. Furthermore, the protests were intentionally started at these minority institutions to give a picture that it is the Muslims who are affected by this Act.

The IB report says that the SIMI is trying to replicate what it did in 2000. The outfit targeted several minority institutions in a bid to recruit. It put out an anti-Hindu, pro-Islam narrative to target the youth. The recruitment drive was a successful one and the SIMI emerged into a dangerous terror group. Years later, its members came out to form the Indian Mujahideen, which till date is one of the most lethal homegrown terror outfits.

The Intelligence Bureau report also speaks about the cadres of the SIMI coming into this protest. They are from states like Kerala, Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The outfit although down now, still has a strong presence of its cadre in these states. In Kerala, the SIMI has managed to regroup several times with the help of the local radical groups. This time too, the SIMI is adopting the same strategy.

Infiltrating the students’ unions:

Apart from creating violence and panic, another agenda of the SIMI and the Urban Naxalites has been to infiltrate students’ unions. Getting the students into the fold has been the hallmark of several anti-national forces.

It is easier to drive the students into protesting. While protesting in a violent manner, there is bound to be police action. The same outfits would then approach these students and try recruiting them or seek their help in spreading their ideology.

This was witnessed when the SIMI began recruiting in the late 1990s. The targets were those booked in the Babri Masjid riots. Further the SIMI also targeted students’ unions across the country and undertook a very successful recruitment drive. The likes of Abdul Subhan who spearheaded the Indian Mujahideen was also a very active student leader. Along with the Bhatkal brothers, who were also part of the SIMI, Subhan went on to form the Indian Mujahideen.

The IB report says that these groups have been using these protests to further enmity between the various groups on the grounds of race, religion, residence and language. These persons have deliberately committed acts that have been prejudicial to the maintenance of harmony and have run a sustained campaign to endanger the security and sovereignty of India, the report further mentions.