The radicals have come on to the streets and wrecked absolute havoc. They say that they are protesting the newly amended citizenship law, which does not affect them at all.

When the debate progresses, these radicals speak about NRC and NPR. The NPR is a normal census exercise and the NRC aims at identifying illegal immigrants, so that the real citizens of India are not deprived of their rights.

The question is, why have these persons turned so violent? The real problem for these radical Islamists is that these measures being taken by the Indian government stands in the way of their long-term plan called ‘demographic jihad.’

Demographic Jihad:

To understand this concept and the real reason why the NPR, NRC are being opposed, MyNation spoke with Abhinav Pandya, the author of the book, “Radicalisation in India-An Exploration.” Pandya, a Cornell University graduate in public affairs, who also writes for India’s premier think-tank Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) says that the main idea of these radical Islamists is to increase the population. They want to create a position for themselves, where they can dictate terms and implement the Sharia law.

In 1947, the Muslims had a population of 7% and in the 2011 census it was 14%. It may have increased today. Imagine a scenario, 30 years later, if the Muslims are a population of 40%, then the demography changes, says Pandya.

Increasing population:

The natural growth in population shows that the Muslims are higher in number when compared to the rest of the communities. Further there is large scale conversion that is going on to ensure that the Muslim population increases. This is being done in various ways, that also includes Love Jihad, says Pandya.

Jihad as a concept is strongly rooted. It has evolved, developed and matured. People think it is only a physical fight. But that is not the case. Jihad is also diverse, subtle, crude and spreads across various dimensions. If someone cannot fight a battle, they contribute money. In Kashmir, it was either give us Rs 50,000 or your son.

Imagine a situation after 30 years, when the Muslims comprise 40% of the population. If there is a major Muslim political party, they will dictate the narrative of the country. They will be in a position to thwart any Bill. They can even ask for the Sharia law, Pandya points out. They can dictate the narrative on the sole basis of their population, and this is where the concept of demographic jihad comes in, Pandya explains.

From democracy to Sharia:

The idea of demographic jihad floated by the radicals is to ensure that democracy dies, and the Sharia law is implemented. In Kashmir, the Pandits were ousted with the sole intention of undertaking demographic jihad. We have not been able to re-settle them yet. However, I have seen a large number of Rohingya Muslims settling in Jammu and Kashmir, says Pandya.

They also have their camps on the Indo-Nepal border and these persons are being used to the maximum by the Jaish-e-Mohammad and Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

The impact of demographic jihad was seen first in Kashmir with the ouster of the Pandits and now, these radicals want to implement it in every other part of the country. Under the regime of Farooq Abdullah, a large number of officials in land offices were transferred. Then the ISI backed people purchased lands in large numbers. Now the whole of Jammu is surrounded by Muslim colonies. In case of a war like situation, Pakistan has an internal base of theirs around Jammu. These persons would be the first to attack our soldiers, says Pandya.

Opposition to NPR, NRC:

Every country has right to declare its migration and refugee policy. Any systematic democracy does it. Now coming to the real reason why the radical Islamists are opposing these measures tooth and nail and even getting violent about it.

There are 2 crore illegal Bangladeshis living in India. The NRC exercise would identify all of them. If they do not have the papers, they will be asked to go back to their countries. This puts a halt in the mission of demographic jihad says Pandya.

In Assam, the demography of certain districts has changed owing to these Bangladeshis. In Udaipur, a huge colony of Muslims has come up and I suspect they are Bangladeshis. Maulvis keep visiting the place and preaching their agenda. These persons indulge in narcotics, arms smuggling, and they are planted here as the hidden mujahids. In terror operations, logistics, finance and local support are key elements. Such illegal immigrants constitute one of the most robust pillars of a terror module. They can provide the weapons, logistics and finance. All a terror group would need to do is send in their men.

The steady increase in the population of such persons will over a period of time ensure that the land will be taken over says Pandya. People around such huge colonies will move out and these persons will grab our lands. This we have seen in West Bengal, where the concept has come to be known as land jihad.