Bengaluru: Daddy’s Girl and Kota Rani are some of the words that have been used in the dossier prepared on Mehbooba Mufti, against whom the Public Safety Act has been slapped. However, a very telling remark in the dossier states that the green colour of the PDP’s flag reflects its radical origin.

The Public Safety Act was slapped on both Mehbooba Mufti and Omar Abdullah last week, in a bid to maintain peace in the Valley. It may be recalled that MyNation had reported last week that both the leaders were reaching out to the separatists in a bid to disturb peace in the Valley.

The radical origin: 

The dossier on Mehbooba states that she is a hot-headed scheming person. She is known for her dangerous and insidious machinations. She has been promoting separatism in the Valley and this has been corroborated by several reports that the Intelligence agencies have filed on her.
Mehbooba’s party the PDP is dubious and the green colour on the flag reflects its radical origin. The symbol of the party, which is an ink pot and pen, was taken from the Muslim United Front, which is an alliance of several parties including the Jamat-e-Islami. It may be recalled that the role of the JeI has come under the scanner on several occasions for its radical ideology and also in terror funding cases.

Dividing through religion:

The dossier also says that Mehbooba has the tendency to make provocative statements that have led to the incitement of violence. Further, the dossier also says that she invokes religion to create a divide.

She has been promoting separatism and has an usurping profile and nature. She has been referred to as Daddy’s girl and Kota Rani, based on the profile of a medieval queen who rose to power by virtue of undertaking intrigues which includes poisoning her opponents.

She has also refused to sign a bond stating that she will not talk about the scrapping of Article 370. In short, Mehbooba has given no assurance that if she is set free, she would not indulge in provoking the people and inciting violence.

Plan against the Union of India:

On Omar Abdullah, the dossier says that he has been planning activities against the Union of India under the guise of politics. In the aftermath of Article 370 being abrogated, Abdullah has removed all covers and while resorting to dirty politics, he adopted a radical methodology by way of instigating the general masses against the policies of the Central Government.

The dossier also says that he has the capacity to influence the people for any cause. This can be gauged from the fact that he was able to convince the electorate to come out and vote in large numbers even during poll boycotts.

Part of a major conspiracy:

Restoring peace in the Valley has been one of the most difficult tasks that the Central Government has undertaken. With a free hand being given to the Army, major terrorists in the Valley have been wiped out.

On the other hand, Pakistan has been going to town unsuccessfully to make its case on Kashmir. Every country has said that Kashmir is India’s internal issue. Now, there are intelligence reports that suggest that Pakistan is waiting to insert 300 of its terrorists into the Valley. With this being the situation, the release of Omar and Mehbooba could be fatal.

Both are trying to get in touch with the separatists to fan violence in the Valley. Basically, both are playing into Pakistan’s hands to ensure that there is large scale violence to such an extent that the international community would need to interfere.