Alaska: A video of  an 'alien sea creature' caught off the Alaskan coast was shared on social media by an angler called Sarah Vasser-Alford.

Angler Sarah posted the video three weeks ago but it went viral days later with netizens people terming the creature capttured as "alien".

The strange creature was found off the coast of Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, in August.

In the video, the creature  can be seen moving its tentacles. It even sports what seems to be blood vessels.

Watch the video here:

The mystery was short-lived, however when a few people commented stating that it was a basket star.

Later, Sarah also confirmed that it was a basket star. The creature is also known as Shetland Argus. They are a kind of brittle stars. Branched arms are its special features. They live in deep sea habitats and live up to 35 years. Basket stars lack blood and breathe through their water vascular system.