New Delhi: Raghav Swati Pruthi, owner of Harley-Davidson bike was fined for playing music while riding the high-end two wheeler. Raghav Pruthi has termed it illegal.

Raghav Pruthi, the owner of a new Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special, was stopped by the Delhi Police when he was moving after a signal opened in Tilak Nagar region. He said that he had all documents intact, was wearing helmet and had also paid all the taxes related to the vehicle, and still he was fined illegally.

Disheartened by this, Pruthi took to Facebook to write his ordeal on why he thinks it is illegal to issue challan.


Raghav Pruthi was riding the Harley Davision bike and stopped as he saw the red light at a signal. When the signal light changed to green, he tried to move but a car stopped him.

One of the cops got down from the car and asked him to come to the police station. Not understanding why, Pruthi tried to reason with the cop but in vain.

When he went inside the station, he was shouted at by the ACP of Tilak Nagar police station , claiming that Pruthi had modified the bike and had also attached speakers to it.

Pruthi started explaining that it was a pre-installed bike worth around Rs 40 lakh and that he had not modified it. He also said that he was listening to music within 30% volume.

But the ACP refused to believe it. However, a cop posted near the area came to Pruthi's rescue and said that the bike was not modified and that all documents were intact and thus he could not be issued a challan.

However, the ACP refused to believe him and made Pruthi turn on the music in the loudest volume and said that this was a violation of traffic rule and fined him.

He had bought the bike on August 22 and had all documents intact. He said that he was driving at 30 kmph.