The India vs South Africa test match in Ranchi fed Twitter with a lot of content. But thanks to Ravi Shastri, memesters have a lot more to go on post the match.

After trolling Rohit Sharma's fall, Virat Kohli's tiger-like expression, now, Ravi Shastri's comment about the pitch has tickled the funny bones of memesters, who are on a posting spree on Twitter.

Ravi Shastri's statement, 'Bhaad me gaya pitch' provided the perfect opportunity for the Twitterati.

It all started when commentator Sanjay Manjrekar questioned Ravi Shastri about the difference between this team and the team of five years ago?

Shastri's reply was classic as he said the team had a new line of thinking.

“Bhaad me gaya pitch (meaning to hell with the pitch),” Shastri replied.

“We need to take 20 wickets and it doesn’t matter if it’s Mumbai, Auckland, Melbourne, anywhere. Once we have taken those 20 wickets, our batting, once it gets going it’s like a smooth-running Ferrari,” Shastri said justifying his comment on pitch.

It’s no doubt that the Indian team, led by Virat Kohli, is singing songs of victory after the sweeping win. Surely, though it would make the Indian Idol judges, Neha Kakkar, Anu Malik and Vishal Dadlani very happy, they might have a problem with the pitch.  Well, Just For Laughs on MyNation knows what Shastri’s reaction to that would be.