November 16 of every year is observed as National Press Day. The Press Council of India has announced the names of the winners of the National Awards for Excellence in Journalism for the year 2019. 

Eminent journalist and Chairman of Rajasthan Patrika Gulab Kothari has been selected for Raja Ram Mohan Roy Award for his outstanding contribution in the field of journalism.

The day marks the presence of an independent and responsible press in India. It is believed that journalists are a mirror to a society. They bring out the truth even in adverse circumstances.

National Press Day symbolizes freedom of the press and its responsibilities towards the society. The Press Council of India started functioning on this day.

The Press Council of India is an autonomous body to exercise authority even over the instruments of the state in its duty to safeguard the independence of the press.

Significance of Nov 16

The First Press Commission (in 1956) had envisioned a 'Press Council' to protect freedom of the press in India and a higher ideal in journalism. After that, the Press Council was established on 4 July 1966 in India which started its work from 16 November 1966. From that day, November 16 is celebrated as National Press Day every year.