Opposition parties made fun of BS Yediyurappa whenever he said that he would become the chief minister of Karnataka. But considering the recent developments, Yediyurappa has proved his predictions right.

From becoming the chief minister of Karnataka in May 2018, be it for just two-and-a-half-days, he did prove his prediction right. Moving further, the day he stepped down, in his final speech as the chief minister (in May 2018), he had said, "If JDS does not make Congress non-existent, my name is not Yediyurappa."

Of course, he did not have to change his name as this was proven right. Soon after joining hands with JD(S) and forming the government in Karnataka, Congress lost its seats one-by one and even its MLAs as 14 of its MLAs rebelled against the party along with three from the JD(S) resulting in the fall of the government. Ever since then, Congress is finding it hard to make anything work its way.

Another proof to Yediyurappa's apt prediction is winning 25 seats in the Lok Sabha elections held in May this year.

Finally the cherry on the cake. Yediyurappa's prediction of winning 12 seats in the by-election too has come true as results of 15 constituencies have been announced today. As Yediyurappa had said earlier, the BJP won 12 seats.

Isn't it too much of a coincidence? Or has Yediyurappa really turned into a fortune teller, MyNation's Just For Laughs section tries to find out.