Apple has launched three variants of iPhone 11 with all new features to lure those with two kidneys. iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max come with various features including Slofie.

Twitterati can't stop posting Gifs and memes explaining what do they think a Slofie is?

According to Apple, Slofie is a selfie taken in slow motion. The function that allows this is called Slofie.

Here is how the Twitterati took a dig at the newly coined term Slofie. What do you think?

Here are  some Slofie Tweets in text to tickle your funny bones:

"Elsie is ready for her first #slofie, which also qualifies as a #slothie"

"Please.  Un-invent this.  #Slofie"

"I regret to inform you I shot a Slofie #AppleEvent #iPhone11"

"In south Africa a #slofie is shoes Usually flip flops"

"My slo mo selfie, slofie, slomelfie, also my mental state at end of day #AppleEvent"

Here are some Tweets in pictures: