We have seen people waiting in queues to cast their vote. Now, it's time for MLAs to wait and bid their time as they have given up their seats. By-elections have been announced for 15 seats in Karnataka due to the disqualification of rebel MLAs.

Elections will be held on October 21 and there are less chances that any party will welcome these disqualified MLAs  to contest. Thus they have been standing ever since the rebel drama unfolded, and will have to stand for a long time as parties have not announced their candidates to fight these seats.

Meanwhile, the Election Commission has asked the Supreme Court to allow these disqualified MLAs to  contest. But without any party backing them, it looks like they will soon be in the shoes of the public who stand in the queue for their chance to cast their vote. Will they be stood up by the public or will the public stand by them, only time will tell.

Just For Laughs on MyNation wonders why politicians hold on to their seats, no matter what!!