The Uttarakhand government, responding to a significant surge in tourist numbers, has introduced strict measures around the revered Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri temples. These measures, enacted during a special meeting chaired by Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, aim to address the challenges posed by the influx of visitors during the 2024 Chardham pilgrimage season.

In a bid to manage the crowds effectively, the government has implemented a ban on mobile phone usage within a 200-meter radius of the temples. Additionally, photography and video recording have been prohibited in the same vicinity to uphold decorum and ensure smoother crowd management. These decisions were prompted by the inadequacy of the state administration's crowd management efforts within just six days of the pilgrimage season's commencement.

Furthermore, authorities have mandated that only registered vehicles are permitted on the Chardham routes. This move seeks to streamline traffic flow and enhance safety for all pilgrims participating in the revered journey.

The pilgrimage season of 2024 has witnessed an unprecedented footfall, with reports indicating a staggering 2,800,000 registrations in the past month alone. The overwhelming number of devotees has strained the state's crowd management resources, leading to concerns about potential incidents due to overcrowding.

To ensure a smoother pilgrimage experience, the government has stressed the importance of pre-registration for all devotees intending to visit Uttarakhand for the Chardham pilgrimage. Registration can be completed via the Uttarakhand tourism website, and strict checks will be conducted at all checkpoints to enforce this requirement.

Despite rumors of stampedes, the government reassures the public that the safety of pilgrims remains their top priority. They vow to take strict action against individuals spreading fake news. The recent measures introduced by the government aim to address the challenges posed by the surge in pilgrim numbers and ensure a safer, more organized pilgrimage experience for all participants.

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