Trekking can be super exciting and thrilling. It gives you the opportunity to explore the mountains and the woods and soak in the incredible beauty of nature. This summer, if you’re planning a trek to the mountains, here are some valuable tips for you before you embark on your adventure. 

Bag packing

Only pack the essentials to keep the luggage light. Purchase high quality boots or trekking shoes to make the trekking experience comfortable. Pack lightweight clothing suitable for the expected weather conditions. Don't forget essentials like water, snacks, a first-aid kit, navigation tools (map, compass, or GPS), sunscreen, insect repellent, and a multi-tool or knife.

Trekking route

Research about the place you are going to explore. Take the time and plan the route you will be comfortable with. Find out about the weather conditions, any area restrictions, nearest hospitals, and police stations. Keep the emergency phone numbers handy to stay prepared for unexpected situations. 

Staying hydrated

Trekking requires physical strength, and you must be physically fit to cover the journey without falling sick. Ensure to stay hydrated during your trek. Carry an ample supply of water and snacks like nuts and energy bars. 

Comfortable pace

Trekking is all about taking your time and exploring the beauty of nature. Do not rush through the journey and trek at a comfortable pace. Take regular breaks to rest and hydrate. If you feel sick, seek medical attention immediately. Also pay attention if someone else from your trek group shows signs of fatigue or dehydration. 

Maintain cleanliness

While trekking, do not litter the spaces. Follow the designated trek routes and avoid trespassing the restricted areas. Do not disturb the wildlife and stay calm if you encounter an animal in your trail. Be mindful of local regulations and customs regarding wilderness etiquette.