K Chandrashekar Rao-led Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) is on the road to victory in the Telangana elections with a massive lead. It has upped its vote share to a considerable extent when compared to 2014.

The total voter turnout for Telangana was 73.20% and the TRS has dominated the state with a vote share of 50.3%, distantly followed by Congress with a vote share of 8.9%.

The Praja Kutami which has four parties; Congress, TDP, TJS, CPI has failed miserably in even holding on to their loyal voters.

Congress had won 20 seats in the 2014 election and the TDP had won 15 seats thus making their vote share as 38% along with the CPI and the TJS, when compared to the TRS that had won 63 seats with 34% vote share last election.

Muslim voters and those sharing the border with Andhra Pradesh were biggest supporters of the Congress and the TDP. But this time, there seem to have been some miscalculation by the Congress as there was low voter turnout from Andhra Pradesh bordering regions.

There was low voter turnout even in Hyderabad as the city registered 48.89% voter turnout.

Not only poor voter share, but even veteran leaders from the Congress and the TDP who were sure of victory have lost elections. Congress leader Revant Reddy has lost the election in Kodangal. TDP leader Nandamuri Suhasini, who was fielded due to her popularity also lost the election.

In these two cases, it looks like people did not care about how popular the candidate is, instead believed that the TRS is for Telangana and the TDP is the enemy of Telangana.

The Congress-TDP alliance was riding on the fact that anti-incumbency votes will work in their favour. But looks like the reason behind the loss might be because the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) was projected as the enemy of Telangana as Andhra Pradesh chief minister and the TDP chief went on hunger strike when Telangana was formed.

With this election, the TRS has improved its vote share to 48%, an increase of almost 14% from 2014. But the TDP has slipped to 2.5% from its previous vote share tally of 14%.