Influencer marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use the internet. You need to be a strategic planner to deal and make it big. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers.You need to be a strategic planner to deal and make it big.

Kanhaiya Singh is a young 19-year-old Entrepreneur, A Social Media Influencer turned digital marketer who is also the Co-founder of " FNF MEDIA - An Influencer Marketing Agency ". Kanhaiya Singh started FNF MEDIA in November 2017.

Having started with just one intern, the workforce is 21 employees strong today. In just two years, FNF MEDIA has established ongoing businesses with conglomerates such as EXIDE LIFE, KIA Motors,Reliance Entertainment, Kajaria Tiles, Comio Mobiles, PCRA, etc. to name a few.

Coming from Muzaffarpur, Bihar, where everyone is encouraged and struggling to become a government official, Kanhaiya chose to consult his instincts and formed a company of his own that resonated and represented his ideas.Being immensely active on social media platforms, he was amused by the power of the digital forum, where influencers were taking the roll by driving the market footprint of brands.

Kanhaiya Singh yearns to engage with more people and as an influencer marketing consultant, the focus is to network with more people and show them the another side of this digital world. That's what motivated him to keep going and began with his chore. His company is doing great! affirming it through the results of his work. His constant endeavour towards perfection has resulted in a million-dollar turnover in a couple of years. To date, he has heeded more than 50 clients, popular in their respective niches also he has good working occasions with several companies,Politicians and Bollywood Celebrities. He promoted them by making their work effortless through his expertise in digital marketing.

His ‘Earn From Home‘ - an influencer outreach program is helping a lot of college students,housewives and a vast portion of our society who are keen to earn and work from their home.

The story of Mr. Kanhaiya Singh speaks that without further ado, keep moving, keep discovering. In the course of life there will be many hurdles but together every one can face every obstacle easily.