New Delhi: Badminton player Jwala Gutta has revealed that she had to through “mental harassment” due to selection biases and her ordeal fell under the ongoing #MeToo movement.

Jwala, a former Commonwealth Games gold medallist, took to Twitter to share her story.

“Maybe I should talk about the mental harassment I had to go through... #metoo (sic),” the 35-year-old doubles player tweeted.

In another tweet, she wrote, “Since 2006.since the person became the chief threw me out of national team inspite of me being a national champion.the latest was when I returned from out of national team of the reasons I stopped playing!! (sic).”

Replying to one of the Twitter users, she said, “Unselected?? Being number one and national champion and not selected?? Explain pls!! And how’s it not harassment?? Till 2016… (sic).”

She alleged that a person “threatened” her playing partners and also “harassed” them.

“So when this person couldn’t get through to me…he threatened my partners harassed them…made sure to isolate me in every manner…even after Rio…the one who I was gonna play mixed with was threatened…and I was just thrown out of the team.. (sic),” she wrote.