Bengaluru: He can hit towering sixes. He can play shots with his body contorted. And he can even execute the textbook shots with precision and perfection!  
That’s AB de Villiers for you, ladies and gentlemen! 

Blessed with immense talent and even greater humility, it is difficult to find another cricketer like AB de Villiers who is celebrating his birthday today (February 17). 

The South African cricketer has left the cricketing world enamoured and enchanted, not just with his cricketing prowess but also with his multifaceted repertoire. 

Indian cricket fans too have accepted Villiers as one of their own cricketers. He still plays for RCB and his exploits in the RCB have mesmerised all and sundry! 

Many of you might be aware of how he can bend his body to any position and rend the opposition apart. 

(Picture courtesy: Quora) 

But Villiers is not just about cricket. An epitome of versatility, he can paly guitar with equal aplomb as he cuts and drives the cricket ball or clips the bails with his gloves. 

And should we add, his accomplishments do not stop with the bat and ball and even string instruments? 

You may end up raising your eyebrows when we tell you that Villiers is also equally adept at hockey, football and even rugby! 

It’s hard to imagine as to how a single individual can be blessed with so many talents. But the list just doesn’t end here. 

Villiers is also a virtuoso swimmer, an expert runner, an excellent badminton player and a recipient of a national medal from Nelson Mandela. 
In spite of all the skills he is blessed with, he remains grounded. 

As the whole cricketing fraternity wishes Villiers on his birthday, we too join the chorus and hope he continues to impress one and all with his exploits stretching across domains. 

Happy birthday AB de Villiers!