New Delhi: Superintendent of Police KP Raghuvanshi created a unit which constituted with just 60 police personnel majorly locals in 1992.

This unit which comes under Maharashtra police has trained personnel in various types of guerrilla warfare from reputed training institutes in the country---Greyhound in Hyderabad, Hazaribagh in Bihar etc.

The unit which has a tagline of Veerbhogya Vasundhara eliminated 39 Maoist cadres in just two encounters last year and some are speculating that Wednesday's attack is the retaliation of last year attack only. 

At least 16 jawans have been killed on Wednesday in an IED blast carried out by Naxals in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra. 

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The force in the encounter had also killed the commander Sainath who was active in multiple states. 

The force was constituted on the lines of Greyhounds of Telangana and AP and Special Operations Group (SOG) of Odisha and District Reserve Group (DRG) of Chhattisgarh. 

All force personnel were well aware of the local area and network of Naxals active in Gadchiroli area. This is the first time when the unit was targeted by the Naxals.

The current strength of the force has been increased and now the unit has 24 teams divided between Gadchiroli and Aheri’s Pranhita. This area which is under control of C-60 commandos is bigger than the total area some states of India.

Moreover, the unit has deployed the teams in different location and can reach any part of red zone within 10-15.