Despite several attempts by Pakistan to hide the truth behind the Balakot air strike, evidences to back Indian Air Force air-strike and death of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) terrorists are coming out in open each day.

As per the latest reports, there were 270-280 terrorists presents at the JeM's Balakot terror facility in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, which was bombed by IAF’s Mirage-2000 on February 26.

The Indian forces are exposing Pakistan’s lies one by one. In another clinching evidence, an audiotape has surfaced when an unidentified Pakistani national can be heard talking about the damage caused by the Indian jets and how Pakistan is trying to cover up the matter.

In the audio, the Pakistani man who is also an eyewitness of the strike is narrating how the Pakistani army disposed terrorists’ bodies and tried to doctor the site. He explained that bodies of some terrorists were thrown in the river while others were set on fire.

Sources told MyNation that India had specific inputs on JeM terror facility at Balakot which had new recruits, trainers, commanders and suicide attackers. Based on the human and digital intelligence and ground verification it is ascertained that there were close to 270-280 terrorists present at the time of the strike.

Intelligence report mentions that there were 18 senior Jaish commanders present at Balakot facility to train the terror recruits. While 83 terrorists had assembled for Daura-e-Aam — the beginners’ training course, 91 terrorists had assembled for Daura-e-Khas — advanced training. As many as 25 terrorists were selected for special fidayeen training.

To take them down Indian air force had used Israeli Spice bomb. Sources told MyNation that IAF has electronic evidence to prove that strike carried out by Mirage 2000 strikes equipped with SPICE 2000 satellite-guided bombs met their objective. The evidence, consisting of satellite and radar imagery, has been handed over to the government.

MyNation has learnt that the IAF used the penetrator variant of the weapon which is designed to pierce buildings and structures but not necessarily bring them down.

A senior official said SPICE 2000 is designed not to blow an infrastructure but to cause internal damage, which is also a reason these are called a smart bomb. This laser-guided ammunition intent to cause human casualties. The Balakot terror facility at that point of time (air-strike) was being used by terrorists, their trainers and top commanders and significant damage is done.

According to the report, terrorists killed during IAF’s air strike included several trainers who had expertise in IED, explosive. The eyewitness in his audio has mentioned names of some of the JeM terrorists who were killed in the attack.

"Mainshah Abdar Zak, Lahore's Major Retd Havar Rana, Altaf Ali Chaudhary from Karachi, Mudassar Ali from Rawalpindi were killed in the attack. A top commander of Jaish from Gujranwala has been killed. Software expert Rana Mohsin Ali, Mianwali's Tafiq Umar, a special video editor from model town in Karachi's Tahir Ali Sheikh were also killed," said the eyewitness.

In the audio, he also claimed that local residents of Balakot were forced to give away their cellphones. The internet services have been suspended in the area since the February 26 pre-dawn air strike so that no one can share any details on social media platforms.