Bengaluru: We have written so many articles exposing how NRIs have been doxxed for their views on certain subjects. 

Even as we write exposing the malaise, we are getting more and more information on similar issues. 

In this article, let’s see how Suraj Bagh, a mechanical engineering student has been doxxed. 

A Twitter user going by the handle @Renaissance2_0 has doxxed Suraj Bagh, giving out his complete information. 

In his tweet, he writes: “Hello @Essar, Suraj Bagh claims to work under your company. He is constantly fanning communal hatred through his FB posts. Kindly take action against him.”

The tweet is here. He has even given out his Facebook and LinkedIn profile: 


Isn’t this shocking and shameful? Who gives them the right to doxx others, informing the company of his tweets, his take on matters which he feels is his right to express, that too on a public platform? 

He is only one of the many who have been targeted for their views on sensitive matters. 

Dance trainers, personnel serving in airways, IT professionals have all been at the receiving end. 

As we have mentioned in our earlier articles, there is a huge network that works with a meticulous nature to dig out information about those who dare to speak against ills in the society. This network, if it involves the targeting of NRIs, has people like journalists who work abroad. These journalists are contacted by people in India who openly seek their details and intimate them on those NRIs who exercise their freedom of speech and expression. 

The issues these doxxed people speak on are issues relating to coronavirus, its spread inter alia. 

And once information about these Indians is given out, employers are forced to conduct an investigation and interrogate them. In some cases, they are even terminated.