Bengaluru: The more we write about the malaise of doxxing, the more we feel sad and shocked!

We have told you how a network is established and then, the details of NRIs are displayed with the wanton efforts of stymieing and scuttling their careers.

As we continue to write, here are two more Twitter users who openly ask people to doxx NRIs.

They use the Twitter handles @OpusOfAli and the other is @SoheilKhanzada who himself proclaims he is from Pakistan.


As we came to know that @SoheilKhanzada is from Islamabad, we checked his twitter account. In one of his retweets, we could see an Indian Union minister being mocked and exhorting Pakistan to treat Hindu minorities in the same way as Muslims are treated in India.

The Tweet says, “Taking inspiration from what the Union Minister from India has said, I think we in middle east should now start treating our “minorities” ( Hindus) from India  the same way Muslims are being treated in India. We should make it ‘ heaven’ for them. Agreed?”

The tweet is here:

This is how nefarious the network can get. Doxxers can easily put our brethren in other countries at risk with their mischief and the wanton attempt to endanger their lives.

Look at the audacity of the first Twitter user. He exhorts people to put out the employers’ details as well in order to doxx NRIs.

Such people who prevail upon others to publicise the personal and professional lives of others in a foreign country with a view to endanger their lives are liable to be treated as instigators.

They can also be arraigned in Indian courts under different sections of the Indian judicial system.

But what makes our eyes moist is how NRIs are tortured, harassed and hounded by those who think they are paragons of virtues and values.