Bengaluru: After telling you that three NRIs face punitive measures for exercising their freedom of speech and expression in a foreign land, here’s one more article that corroborates that doxxing is rampantly going on.

In the response to our appeal asking people to share screenshots of those who have been doxxed, we got many. In this article, we will show you those.

And as we dug more, we came to know that a twitter user with the handle @ZafarAnsari65, has requested the prince of Arab countries to kick out anti-Muslims from their country.

He says on his account: “The prince of all Arab countries should understand that Muslim are being persecuted in India, and you should immediately kick out all Anti Muslim indian from your holy countryFolded hands.”
#Islamophobiainindia #BanRSS


Another account @mmaq78 has also doxxed other people, as evidenced in the below tweet.

He says, “@qatarpolice manas behura working at lusail city for power holding international company is posting inflammatory hate messages on social media, appeal to
@MBA_AlThani_to punish this blasphemous islamophobic according to qatar laws.”


In this way, these people have been attacking NRIs by displaying their information and asking the authorities there to punish them.

But as they doxx them, they don’t realise that fellow Indians are losing their jobs and living in peril, that too in a foreign country.

Apart from all these nefarious activities by these doxxers, they don’t realise that they can be punished in consonance with Indian laws.