Bengaluru: We have extensively and exhaustively apprised you of how a nefarious and robust nexus exists between locals of a foreign country and Indian citizens in collaborating and conniving to doxx NRIs and put their lives in danger.

As we ferreted out such foreign nationals who have played a prominent role in doxxing NRIs, we came across a journalist Mazhar Farooqui who proclaims himself to be an investigative journalist and live in the UAE.


In one of his tweets, he proudly proclaims how he got NRIs sacked! This tweet also stands testimony to how locals are hand-in-glove with him!


This so-called journalist also openly peddles hate against Hindus as he says cow-dung eating and gaumutra drinking Hindus are making fun of others.



Shockingly, he also goes to the extent of calling Hindus “cow terrorists.”



We wonder how in the garb of journalism, such people exist in order to doxx NRIs.

But it also to be noted that such journos hunt in connivance with Indian locals. We have earlier reported to you how so-called journalists sitting in the comfort of their drawing rooms tweet to such journalists, seeking their contact details and openly declaring that they want to talk of extremism I foreign lands.

What’s worse is that even innocuous and harmless tweets can be used as a prop to target Indians abroad. 

A case in point is how a Twitter use Saurabh Upadhyay had been called out for his views on Tablighis.

Though we concur that religions of the violators should not be married with the violation or the violator, it is pertinent to note that the educated class in a religion should take the onus upon them to educate the masses and condemn reprehensible acts like spitting on doctors and walk nude before nurses.