Bengaluru: Doxxers would be jumping around with joy and bliss as they get to know that three more Indians have been terminated for speaking their mind out on issues they think are pertinent to the present world.

They are: Rawat Rohit, Sachin Kinnigoli and Vishal Thakur. They were reportedly terminated on May 2.


It is saddening that Indian expats are forced to go through hell for their posts in which they would have expressed their opinions in no uncertain terms.

While some face termination, some others are heftily fined and let off. Others are even deported. In some other cases, NRIs are forced to undergo pinching salary cuts and are asked not to come to work.

In some cases, as doxxers report them to their employers for innocuous and harmless tweets, they face harsh punitive measures.

These doxxers work with the precision of a surgeon. First, they contact the local people in the countries their targets lie. For example, an Indian journalist Sonia Sarkar sought the details of a UAE resident by openly asking for it and further informed him that she needed to talk to him about Indian extremism in the Gulf.

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Another Indian whose name comes to mind is Saurabh Upadhyay. He too had been pulled up for his views on coronavirus being spread in India in relation to the Tablighi markaz event held in New Delhi in mid-March.

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Indians who have been doxxed include dance trainers, people who work in the aviation sector and those who work in the IT industry.

Though these developments make us crestfallen as fellow Indians are hounded and harassed, it is also heartening to note that countries like Kuwait have rejected anti-India propaganda through foreign-sponsored Twitter handles.

These foreign-sponsored Twitter handles had made every effort to malign India’s reputation in every possible way.