Bengaluru: Our hearts go out to NRIs who have become victims of doxxing.

Staying in a foreign land and exercising their freedom of speech and expression, these unfortunate NRIs land up facing punitive measures for speaking their minds out.

We have given you a myriad examples of NRIs are targeted. We have even told you how there exists a nefarious network that works in tandem with local forces to upset the apple cart.

In this article, we tell you how innocuous tweets, sometimes even memes can be used as a locus standi to target NRIs.

When we were going through accounts of NRIs who were targeted, we came across a Twitter user named Saurabh Upadhyay who has not minced works in calling out the nefarious activities of Tablighi attendees.

In his tweet, he urges Muslims to lodge their protests against Tablighis and asserts that no Hindu supports those Hindu saints who act against principles of legality.


He also talks about how Tablighis went around spitting and endangering the lives of people around.

The role of Tablighis has been extensively reported by Indian media. Some of them have spat on doctors and health professionals. Some others have openly remained bolshie and refused to undergo treatment. Some of them have even defecated openly.

As per Indian health ministry, Tablighis have contributed 30% to the spread of the virus.

However, we do accept and acknowledge that due to the insane and inhumane acts of these Tablighis, an entire community has been blemished. We are in consonance with those who advocate that Tablighis and their act must not be wedded with religion. They have to be treated as violators and not religion-based violators.

At this point, we also note that Tablighis have donated their blood for the plasma treatment.

Having said all these, our limited point is how NRIs can be doxxed with a robust and nefarious network for their views on sensitive issues. At the same time, we reiterate we are neither communal nor are we making it a religious issue.