Bengaluru: When several exit polls pointed towards a Modi victory, neither the Congress nor the other opposition parties were willing to give them any credibility.

After the EC announced the results and Modi and team romped home, the blame game began. In the latest, KN Rajanna, a former Congress MLA from Madhugiri has trained his guns at deputy CM G Parameshwara, saying Tumakuru coalition candidate HD Deve Gowda lost because of the deputy CM. However, refusing to take his name, the former Congress MLA resorted to euphemism “zero traffic”.

He said, “The loss of the coalition candidate in Tumakuru is due to zero traffic. Apart from giving zero traffic, he has done nothing else.”

The zero-traffic allusion relates to the way the deputy chief minister allegedly bragged when roads were blocked to facilitate his convoy’s smooth travelling. He had even gone to the extent of saying that zero traffic was his privilege and he wouldn’t give it up. However, he received a lot of brickbats for his “snobbish attitude.”

KN Rajanna did not stop at his “zero-traffic” jibe. He accused the deputy CM of being ungrateful to him (KN Rajanna) by not recognising his efforts in helping him win elections.

Apart from these accusations, the former Congress MLA forecast that BJP would be forming the government in the state very soon.

“The BJP is keeping quiet as of now. They are waiting for Narendra Modi to take oath. Once that happens, it is sure the government will fall. By June 10th, the new government will be in place,” he added.

Reacting to the political forecast, this is what the BJP had to say:

“It is just a public perception that there will be a change in the government. They clearly know the mandate was not given to him to form the state government. After 12 months, they have realised this hard fact,” says Shreenath Sheshadri, a BJP spokesperson.