Bengaluru: President of Karnataka BJP BS Yeddyurappa has asked the Election Commission not to relax the model code of conduct in the state in view of the ongoing Lok Sabha polls in other parts of the country.

Stating that the decisions taken by the state government will have an impact on those states which will be going for polls, he sought the Election Commission to annul all the decisions taken by the state government in the last few days.

"My gut feeling is, in this transition period when the general elections are in progress, the decisions taken by the state government will amount to violation of the model code of conduct, leading to various irregularities. I wonder how the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) has taken this decision to relax the guidelines of the poll code," he said.

However, there has been no confirmation that the CEC has given permission to the state government to take decision on projects.

The state president was referring to the developmental works taken up the state government which include projects related to infrastructure, purchases and services.

In the letter, he also noted that as a norm, the model code of conduct will be in effect till the completion of polls and the announcement of results.

Meanwhile, speaking to reporters on the issue, state BJP general secretary Aravind Limbavali asked the Karnataka government not to take up any major project-related work. However, he added that the government should look into drought-relief work.

"The government should immediately take up drought relief work, which is allowed," he said, and accused the chief minister and his cabinet ministers of not reviewing the drought situation even three days after the end of the last leg of parliamentary polls in the state on April 23.

The Lok Sabha polls will end on May 19 and the results will be announced on May 23.