Bengaluru: Karnataka BJP president BS Yeddyurappa said that the leaders in Delhi have asked him not to destabilise the government in the state.

Speaking to ANI, Yeddyurappa said, "I have just returned from Delhi. Our leaders have instructed me not to involve in any move that will scuttle the government in the state. I believe that Siddaramaiah is sending few of his MLAs to me and is trying to take political leverage."

Yeddyurappa also said, "We will remain silent for the time being. They (Congress) may fight with each other and anything can happen. We've been clearly informed not to disturb or attempt to topple the government in the state."

Currently, in Karnataka, BJP is the single largest party with 105 members in the 225-member assembly, while the ruling coalition has 117 members with 79 MLAs from Congress, 37 from JD(S) and 1 from BSP.

Though soon after the results were out, and BJP had secured 25 seats, Yeddyurappa had said that he will not make attempts to topple the government.

In March, prior to the Lok Sabha election, Yeddyurappa had said “If the people of Karnataka give us 22 seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, we will form the government in Karnataka within 24 hours.”

Even leaders like R Ashoka had said that the government will topple shortly and Yeddyurappa will become the chief minister.

But top leaders instructing the state president not to act in this regard has put the alleged Operation Lotus on hold. There was speculation that at least 20 MLAs were ready to quit Congress-JD(S) to join the BJP.