New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is going to be in power for the next five years, addressed the nation that welcomed him with a thunderous applause. Prime Minister Modi has made three vows to the nation and stated that he would abide by them.

PM Modi began his speech by thanking 130 crore Indians who he said, have placed their trust in him.

“I bow my head and thank the 130 crore Indians. The mandate given is historical,” said the Prime Minister.

Modi also iterated that since the time India got its independence, this has been the first election where maximum voting has taken place. He attributed his victory as that of the nation’s and said, “...this is a victory of the hopes and dreams of an honest citizen.”

PM Modi also said that we must progress and in the process take even the strongest enemies along.

The Prime Minister has made three vows to the nation and has said that he would strive hard to keep them.

The first is that he will do no wrong intentionally, and with any selfish motive. The second is that he would not do anything for himself in these upcoming years. Finally, he said that his heart beats for the nation and he would strive for its people.

Prime Minister Modi made a request to people and asked them to remind him of his three vows, should there ever be a time when he falters.

Speaking about the country, PM Modi said that there are two castes in India - the poor and the others who want to help the poor out of poverty.

He further added that if someone has indeed won, it is democracy and the public.

“All BJP and NDA members dedicate this victory to the public,” he said.

PM Modi even extended his wishes to the winners, irrespective of their party and region they contested from.