New Delhi: The state BJP, on Wednesday (July 17) expelled Uttarakhand MLA Pranav Singh Champion from the party for six years after a purported video of the legislator brandishing guns and dancing at a house party went viral on social media.

Speaking to reporters, BJP media head and Rajya Sabha member Anil Baluni said that the party has taken cognizance of his serial public misconduct and expelled him for six years.

The MLA was issued a show-cause notice by the state leaders after the video appeared. Pranav Singh was already suspended from the party for earlier instances of an alleged misdemeanour.

Earlier, on Wednesday (July 10), the suspended BJP lawmaker had claimed that the video clip in which he was seen dancing while holding guns was "edited" and termed it an “intrusion of privacy”.

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Speaking to reporters, Pranav said, "The video which has gone viral is edited and an intrusion into my privacy. I never used abusive words against anyone as is being shown by the media."

Pranav also accused the media of not showing the positive side of his personality. He also claimed that he was the fittest lawmaker at the age of 53 in the country.

"Show me a single four-time MLA who has my level of fitness at the age of 53 and is highly qualified as me. I am defying age. But the media never shows these positive aspects of my personality," Champion said.

However, taking notice of the viral video, the state BJP had sent a show-cause notice and made a recommendation to the central leadership of the party to take strict action against him saying indiscipline cannot be tolerated.