Bengaluru: If there is any situation that mirrors the meaning of the word desperation to a T, it is the political situation in Karnataka. Minute after minute, day after day, the JD(S) and Congress are coming up with newer plans/strategies to save the government at any cost.

The latest in the list is former chief minister Siddaramaiah who has given a few suggestions to chief minister HD Kumaraswamy to keep the flock together.

1. Give more time to MLAs from the Congress

It’s a common grouse from the Congress legislators that Kumaraswamy doesn’t meet them as often as he meets legislators from his party. So in order to placate them, Siddaramaiah has asked Kumaraswamy to be more accessible to them.

2. Don’t stay in private hotels; make use of government bungalows

It’s a known fact that Kumaraswamy stays put in a private hotel, instead of discharging his duties from his official residence. So, Congress MLAs have complained that they have to face a lot of security rigmaroles, and thus, unable to meet the JD(S) leader. To thwart such needless security issues, Siddaramaiah has suggested chief minister stay in government bungalows.

3. Refrain from giving controversial statements to media

In a bid to offset any needless controversies emerging from statements to the media, Siddaramaiah wants Kumaraswamy and his JD(S) members in specific and the coalition partners in general to avoid talking to the media. It might be recalled that in the weeks preceding the Lok Sabha election, there were open fights going on between the two coalition partners, giving a lot of fodder to the media.

4. Give ministries to disgruntled members from both the parties

Disgruntlement has become a synonym with those who have missed out on ministerial berths. They have even given statements to the media that they are not happy being left alone. So with a view to silencing them and keeping them in good stead, Siddaramaiah has said so.

5. Clear pending files of Congress MLAs quickly

Congress MLAs have been complaining that the chief minister doesn’t clear their files, leading to utter dissatisfaction. That has also led to a lot of bad blood, jeopardising the coalition. To mitigate the consequences, this suggestion has been