Bidar: Giving a fresh angle to the controversy of toppling the coalition government in the state of Karnataka, R Ashoka, a former deputy chief minister and a BJP MLA, has prophesied that none other than Siddaramaiah himself will ensure the collapse.

The senior BJP leader said that Siddarmaiah has revenge on his mind as he was expelled from the JD(S) and wants to avenge his ignominious ouster from the party.

“Siddaramaiah was thrown out from the JD(S) by holding the scruff of his neck, on to the Mysuru highway. He has this humiliation still alive in his mind. He is keeping quiet because of the prevailing circumstances. They say the anger of a snake lasts for 12 years, but when it comes to that of Siddaramaiah, it is 40 years.”

Reiterating that the BJP has had, nor will have any role in felling the coalition government, he added that none other than Siddaramaiah himself will play the role of a protagonist in ensuring the defeat of the coalition.

On the issue of the growing chorus for Siddaramaiah to become the chief minister, Ashoka lampooned Siddaramaiah saying that he himself is orchestrating the entire episode.

“All those who are advocating Siddaramaiah becoming the CM are like dolls whose key is with Siddaramaiah himself. All these dolls are dancing to his tunes,” he added.

Ashoka also dwelt on the issue of Rahul Gandhi extending support to the coalition on the day of the election results.

“Without consulting Siddaramaiah, Rahul Gandhi, the AICC chief gave his support to HD Kumaraswamy. Ever since, Siddaramaiah is fuming. So he is waiting for an opportune moment to see that the coalition falls,” he added.

Quite vexed with the way Ashoka levelled such allegations, Kengal Sripada Renu, a Congress spokesperson, said, “It is unbecoming of a former deputy chief minister to be making such allegations. BJP will have a new state president soon. Ashoka is the frontrunner for it. So can we say he is backstabbing Yeddyurappa, who he says is his political guru? Why does he want to poke his nose in the internal affairs of the coalition?”