Bengaluru: One afternoon, in the month of April, 2018, the nation was glued to the television sets. It was the day the results of the Karnataka Assembly elections were being announced.

Around 1 pm, leaders from the Congress party rushed to the residence of former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda. They were present there to give an unconditional offer to his son HD Kumaraswamy to form a coalition government, of which he would be the unchallenged leader.

Now, cut to the present developments. It’s been almost one year since the government is in motion. The coalition appears to be debilitated. The rebellion within is hard to miss. The chorus from within the Congress party is that leader of the Congress Legislative Party Siddaramaiah should take over as the chief minister of the state.

From home minister MB Patil to Chikkaballapura Congress MLA Sudhakar, the desire is being openly expressed.

However, the JD(S) is surely feeling the jitters.

Its leader H Vishwanath, who is keeping himself abreast with the developments, says Siddaramaiah can’t become the CM.

“In the present scenario, Siddaramaiah can’t become the CM. Even if there is a collapse and like-minded members join hands with us, there is no way the Congress will be able to reach the magic number 113,” he told reporters.

Vishwanath also added, “Many members of the Congress  are creating such an atmosphere (of Siddaramaiah becoming the CM), but it is not right on their part to do so.”

Vishwanath also did not mince words in baring out his mind on the issue of Siddaramaiah heading the CLP, but not inviting him.

“Siddaramaiah is the head of the Congress Legislative Party. Though I want to talk to him about the issue, he hasn't invited me,” he added.

Later in the day, Niranjananda Puri of the Kaginele Mutt too jumped in the fray and said he would like to see Siddaramaiah become the chief minister again.