Bengaluru: While Narendra Modi took oath as the prime minister for the second time on the trot on May 30, the whole nation, nay the entire world watched with rapt attention.

But before the formal swearing-in, the then prime minister-designate addressed his MPs at the Central Hall of the Parliament and made several promises.

Let’s take a look at a few important promises (game-changers) he had to make.

1. “Will not take up any endeavour with an ill-intention”

Having got a chance for the second time in a row, Modi promised that he would take up issues with the good of the society in mind and nothing dictated by vindictiveness or propaganda. Probably, this was an oblique reference to demonetisation, where the opposition members latched on an opportunity to relegate the whole exercise, albeit, Modi’s intention being purging the economy of black money. However, the PM made it clear that during the course of any meticulously planned scheme, things can go wrong which are incidental to say the least.

2. “Every inch of my body is for the nation”

Having reached the zenith of popularity in the last few years, and also having achieved a lot politically, Modi must have attained peace with himself. He swore to offer his word, thought and deed for the cause of the nation. Incidentally, Swami Vivekananda’s message of man-making and character-building, had a profound effect on Modi as a child. Now in his late 60s, Modi has found its true meaning.

3. “I will never renege (go back) on my promises”

It’s easy to make tall promises on the spur of the moment, and the very next moment, when reality bites, we realise the ephemerality of them. So in his second term, Modi has emphasised he wouldn’t fail to keep up his promises.

4.    “Will take those opposing us along with us”

Modi’s epigraph “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikaas Sabka Vishwas” is not just a statement but a principle that thrives on egalitarianism. He has roundly been criticised for relegating the minorities and opposition members. As a reiteration of his commitment to spread his arms and embrace all, Modi stressed on this point emphatically.

5. “We emphasise the supremacy of the Constitution”

The Indian Constitution is the foundation of our democracy. Often criticised for not respecting it, Modi sent out a strong message to everyone by paying encomiums on the holy book. It is germane to mention that Modi bowed before the rule book, elevating its stature and promising to work within its framework.