New Delhi: Ladakh MP Jamyang Tsering Namgyal on Tuesday (August 6) gave a fiery speech in the Lok Sabha and claimed that Ladakh had been fighting for a Union territory status for a long time. 

He said that the state had an overwhelmingly unique character with a separate identity, but the Kashmiri-dominated government never paid attention to their demands. 

Lashing out at the Congress, the Ladakh BJP MP questioned what do people know about Ladakh as the place had been asking for a Union territory for the past 71 years.

"The place (Ladakh) never wanted to be with Kashmir. What do they (Congress) know of Kargil?" he questioned.

Jamyang Tsering Namgyal further said that the district presidents of PDP and NC, who wanted it to be a Union territory were expelled by their parties.

The Ladakh BJP MP concluded his speech by lashing out at the Congress and said, "Only Narendra Modi gave Ladakh a central university. You (Congress) recognised the Kashmiris and the Dogris, but not Ladakhis. You misused Article 370 and tried to finish off Buddhists in Jammu and Kashmir."