Bengaluru: While the coalition government in Karnataka is seeing a lot of turbulence vis-à-vis its stability and continuation of HD Kumaraswamy as the CM, Cheluvarayaswamy, the Congress leader from Nagamangala has fired a fresh salvo.

Sources say that the leader is not happy with the way Kumaraswamy handles issues related to the coalition parties or issues related to the government. So, he is of the opinion that it is his attitude that will play a major role in the sustenance of the coalition government.

On the issue of Siddaramaiah becoming the chief minister, this is what he had to say:

“Everybody, irrespective of their caste wants Siddaramaiah to become the CM. Even swami Niranjananda Puri of the Kaginele Mutt wants him to become the CM. So, if the government were to collapse, and we go to elections and Siddaramaiah becomes the CM, what is wrong in it?” he said.

However, reacting to Cheluvarayaswamy’s statements, Kumaraswamy’s elder brother and minister for Public Works Department in his cabinet, HD Revanna said that his prophecies and predictions would never go wrong and that Kumaraswamy would continue to be the CM for the full term of 5 years.

While the JD(S) sounds sanguine about Kumaraswamy’s prospects, prominent members of the coalition continue to meet him. Earlier in the day, Basavaraj Horatti, former speaker of the Karnataka Assembly met him. Sources say that the two leaders discussed many political issues, including the growing chorus for Siddaramaiah to become the CM.