Bengaluru: In a formal ruling, that too by the Karnataka high court, two Pakistani citizens have been ordered to go back home to Pakistan. The two Pakistani citizens, Kasiff and Kiran Gulam were allegedly overstaying in Bengaluru once they entered in the year 2014. The couple had reportedly strayed into India as their parents had opposed their marriage.

The marriage took place in India after the entry into the country. The two had been living in Kumaraswamy layout and eking out a living with no legal documents. However, the two had managed to procure Aadhaar cards and voter ID cards with the help of a local agent.

Noting that their overstaying in the city would not be in the best interests of the country, Justice Aravind Kumar directed the state authorities to help the central government in the deportation process.

The court also took note of the fine of Rs 64,000 being imposed on them by a lower court. But taking into consideration that they were not in a robust financial condition to pay it, the court set aside the order.

In its judgement, the court asked the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) and the ministry of home affairs to do the needful in this regard.

As the news of the judgement spread, people began hailing the verdict.

“It is a wonderful verdict. It has to be implemented in word and spirit. India can’t afford to have such overstaying Pakistanis,” said a resident. While another said, “If this is the case with Pakistanis, it should also be noted that there are a lot of Bangladeshi immigrants in the city as well.”

And the best was reserved for the last: “Karnataka high court has done what we think even the Supreme Court can’t do!”