Bengaluru: Karnataka BJP president BS Yeddyurappa had dropped a new bomb on Friday (May 10). This time, he claimed to have certain information about the infighting in the Congress-JD(S) coalition and more than 20 Congressmen are “unhappy”. He further sent feelers that the unhappy or disgruntled Congressmen may walk towards the saffron party.

He said, “More than 20 Congress MLAs are unhappy with the coalition. They might take any decision anytime. Let us wait and see.”

Now, with Chincholi and Kundagol going for Assembly by-elections, the BJP is gung-ho about the prospects. The state president expressed confidence that their tally would improve as the results are declared on May 23.

“We are going to win Kundagol and Chincholi. We are 104 presently. If we win both, it will increase to 106. We have the support of a few Independents as well. It will help us in our politics,” he added.

On the other hand, the BJP also senses more upheaval in the ranks with JD(S) members too allegedly not happy with the coalition.

“It is an obvious thing. The reaction is creating heat within the coalition. It is an exothermic reaction. Many might fall out of the pot, including JD(S) members. There is no stability factor at all. After May 23, a clear picture will image. The financial situation is in a mess right now. We are thinking of ways to improve the revenue,” says Shreenath Sheshadri, a BJP spokesperson.

But the Congress begs to differ. It lays the onus back on the BJP which, as per the Congress, claims itself to be a party with a difference. 

“It is a fractured mandate. As per our Constitution, coalition government is allowed. People have not given mandate for the BJP or Congress or JD(S). It happens that the BJP is the largest party followed by the Congress and JD(S). JD(S) has chosen the Congress to form a coalition. Disgruntlement is an entirely different issue. They will perform Operation Kamala. Why had they kept MLAs in Mumbai? Rs 50 crore was offered to these MLAs. The money was stolen. Why do they do politics through stolen money? They say they are a party with a difference, but why do they do so? What sort of an argument is this? I know Yeddyurappa wants to become the chief minister. He is desperate. It is not right on his part to resort to such tactics,” said Sripada Renu, a Congress spokesperson.