Bengaluru: CM Ibrahim is a Congress MLC from Karnataka. No doubt he is hailed as a man blessed with the gift of gab. He does have the calibre to leave the audience awed with his catchy phrases.

But was he caught red-handed in Chincholi, where he was campaigning for Congress candidate Subash Rathod?

During his speech, Ibrahim quoted the holy month of Ramzan and said, “It is the holy month of Ramzan. I fast and pray five time a day. I don’t speak ill of others and I don’t lie.”

Well, anyone would agree with him. But the very next moment, he was caught retracting his words and speaking ill of a man who he has abhorred for eternity! He is none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi!

And then, lost in the fluency of his speech, he addressed the Prime Minister as “daridra” which when translated into English means “low”. In this context, it means “low standards”.

To quote him verbatim, “The country has never seen a ‘daridra’ PM like Narendra Modi in the last 70 years.”

Well, criticism is fine, but why such abuses?

The list goes further. Another senior Congressman Ramalinga Reddy termed Modi “nalayak” which means “misfit”.

This response was made in reference to the Prime Minister criticising former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

The BJP was quick to hit out at both the Congressmen for their affronts.

“I think he is a Musalman without any eeman (respect). I say this because he is the one who has misused the wakf property for his profit and living. For him, Ramzan is just a ritual and it can’t be sacred to him. A man who has sold his religion for his livelihood should not speak on a patriot like Modi,” said Go Madhusudhan, a BJP spokesperson.