Bengaluru: With just three days left for the Chincholi and Kundagol bypolls in Karnataka, the campaign has reached a feverish pitch. Senior Congress leader Vinay Kulkarni was in the Kundagol constituency, campaigning for Kusuma Shivalli. During his speech, he said, “Wherever we go, a few people start chanting Modi’s name. Does Modi become the chief minister of Karnataka? Let the admirers of Modi come out in the public and talk about his achievements.”

Well, the remarks did not end with Vinay Kulkarni. Former chief minister Siddaramaiah also campaigned in Kundagol. He said, “MLAs are being sold like chickens. Umesh Jadhav has been sold in Chincholi. The BJP had offered a sum of Rs 25 crore to CS Shivalli. In fact, he himself called me up and informed me about this. In a democracy, members of a particular party should be loyal to the party.” 

On the issue of development, he added, “BJP contestants say that people should vote, looking at the face of Modi. This is akin to a situation in which you look at the bride’s mom instead of the bride. I challenge BS Yeddyurappa. Let him come on an open stage. I am ready to debate with him anytime.” 

The statements have certainly not gone down well with the BJP. 

“Being the finance minister, Siddaramaiah has presented as many as 13 budgets. If he doesn’t understand what Modi has done for the country, it is indeed a sad state of affairs. More than anything else, the statements reflect the ignorance of Siddaramaiah. Congressmen have always lived with the name of Gandhis. But we are living with an extremely capable leader who has grown from grassroots level, not by his birth of breed,” said Shreenath Sheshadri, a BJP spokesperson.