Thiruvananthapuram: Reacting to the Lok Sabha election results, chairman of the Kerala Administrative Reforms Commission and veteran leader of the CPI (M) VS Achuthanandan said it has been a shocking result. He also mocked the Central government saying that the situation in India is akin to “handing over safekeeping duty to a burglar”.

It can be assumed that the opposition parties failed to be united and in harmony, which led to this, the veteran leader said. He was indicating that the Congress failed in maintaining its unity in the state and other states, and hence the Congress lost in the Centre. 

The leader then added in the Facebook post that he feels the pleasure and relief in the fact that the Keralites managed to oust BJP from God's own Country, Kerala. He also said that a necessary rethinking on the matter of rebuilding the base of LDF is needed. The veteran politician then added that the mistakes what his party has done should be checked. 

There is no need to be disappointed with the Lok Sabha result, for no result is secure, he added. “The LDF has no other way forward than the one that keeps the people close, by keeping corporate models out and by gaining the confidence of farmers, labourers, and nature,” Achuthanandan wrote on his Facebook.

The UDF won in 19 out of 20 Lok Sabha constituencies in Kerala. AM Arif of the LDF has taken the lead in Alappuzha. The exit polls had foretold that the UDF would bag more than half the seats in the state.