New Delhi: After the alliance between the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the Congress failed in Delhi, both the parties have made a strategy to campaign against each other negatively. The AAP has assembled a team which will try to convince voters that it is futile to vote for the Congress, while the grand old party on the ground is communicating how AAP Delhi government failed to deliver their promises.

The AAP has formed a dedicated team of volunteers which includes women, senior citizens, working professionals and people from all strata of the society who will do door-to-door campaigning for the AAP. Apart from spreading awareness about work done by the party while in government, the team will also run a campaign against Congress. The idea is to cut the vote share of Congress which the party has already managed to do once during assembly elections in 2015.

According to senior AAP leaders, the party workers will meet the voters and tell them that their vote is going to be wasted if they vote for Congress. They claim that Congress would not win a single seat in Delhi. “Voting for Congress in Delhi is the same as voting for BJP as it is nothing more than a vote cutter in Delhi. Both the parties are contesting without any agenda in Delhi. Each vote in this election is important, and people should know that the Congress is trying to help the BJP,” AAP MLA Gopal Rai had said.

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Even during the launch of the party manifesto, AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal lashed out at Congress president Rahul Gandhi, and the grand old party failed to form an alliance.

“Want to ask Rahul Gandhi which alliance is formed on Twitter? If Modi, Shah return to power, only Gandhi will be responsible,” Kejriwal said.
The senior AAP leader said that BJP had not done any work in Delhi and people are already angry with them. Congress has also lost its base in Delhi. “We will expose the inefficiency of both Congress and BJP. Both BJP and Congress have blocked Delhi’s statehood issue which has hampered the development. We will communicate this to the people of Delhi,” said an AAP official. 

Congress and AAP have a joint support base in Delhi. Both the parties enjoy the support of the poor, the minorities and large sections of the middle classes. In 2015, all these groups had overwhelmingly voted for AAP. Arvind Kejriwal continues to enjoy the support of minorities and Dalits, but Congress has been able to recover at least some of its lost ground.

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Meanwhile, Congress along with attacking the BJP has made a plan to expose AAP’s failure in Delhi.  A Congress leader told MyNation that the Aam Aadmi Party had made several false promises to the people of Delhi for which they had voted. But, now they know they have been cheated, and no development has taken place.”

Congress has fielded their most experienced leaders for the Lok Sabha elections in Delhi. Party workers are campaigning for the development done during Sheila Dikshit’s regime in Delhi.