Chennai: BJP state president Tamilisai Soundararajan has stated that she would release “proof of the DMK holding talks with the BJP, at an appropriate time”. The statement comes a day after DMK chief MK Stalin had said he would quit politics if talks are proven true.

Tamilisai had also said that neither she nor the Prime Minister is lying. “The DMK and the Communists may have the habit of lying, but I don’t come from a family that lies. I’m honest,” stated Tamilisai in response to DMK’s claim that she was lying.

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Tamilisai also added that she was making certain statements based on the information and questions posed to her.

“We will give proof when we have to. The DMK is like a chameleon. There is no doubt about that,” she charged.

DMK’s Prasanna spoke to MyNation and said that these allegations that BJP is making have to be proved, “but they are just not proving. It is a silly reason to say that she (Tamilisai) will prove later.”

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He said, “I dare Tamilisai to prove all that she is claiming, and if they turn out to be true, the DMK would leave politics.”

Speaking about DMK being accused of changing colours, Prasanna said, “We never change colours. From the time Anna was there to now when MK Stalin is there, we have never changed our colours.”

He further added that there have been times when the DMK has had problems with the Congress, but they are now in an alliance.

“The DMK had problems with the Congress in 2009 for doing things against us. But now we are in a strong alliance,” added Prasanna.

Tamilisai had raised the issue of TRS chief Chandrasekhar Rao meeting Stalin. “Stalin named Congress president Rahul Gandhi for the PM post. Now he is meeting Mr. Rao,” she said.