Chennai: DMK president MK Stalin has stated that he would quit politics if it is proven that the party was in talks with the BJP for a post-poll arrangement, as claimed by BJP president Tamilisai Soundararajan and AIADMK minister D Jayakumar.

“If Tamilisai Soundararajan or Narendra Modi, whom she wants to become Prime Minister again proves that I am talking to them for an alliance with the BJP, I’m prepared to quit politics. If they fail to prove it, will they renounce politics?” the DMK president challenged in a hard-hitting statement to the media.

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MyNation also spoke to DMK spokesperson A Saravanan who said, “There cannot be a better opportunity for the AIADMK and the BJP to make MK Stalin quit politics. If they can, let them prove their claims and like Stalin said, he will quit politics.”

Saravanan further said that the allegations were nothing but outrageous lies and added, “DMK is the only party that has not flipped-flopped in any of the alliances. Once we enter into an alliance, we never flip-flop.” Saravanan added that the DMK doesn’t expect decent politics from the AIADMK and the BJP.

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Babu Murugavel, news coordinator of the AIADMK hit back at the statement saying that DMK is synonymous with dirty and indecent politics.

“In all these years, if there are any indecent politicians, then they are in the DMK and they have no right to pinpoint us,” stated Murugavel.

Furthermore, speaking about how DMK denied that it changes colours, Murugavel said that the party changed colours to suit its whims and fancies.

Murugavel stated, “Statements of quitting are made by everyone in politics. These things can’t be taken seriously because obviously DMK will leave no evidence that can be used to prove points against them.”

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On Tuesday, reports came in that BJP state president Tamilisai Soundararajan dropped a bombshell claiming that the DMK was in talks with the BJP.

“The hunger and thirst for office is driving Stalin to reach out to Modi. First, it was Rahul, then KCR and now it is Modi. Everyone knows the DMK changes colours. To each one, he is showing a different colour. They are speaking through someone and are establishing connection,” she said.