After a marathon 4 hour-fifteen-minute meeting between the Prime Minister and Amit Shah on Tuesday evening, it has been decided that Shah will continue as the BJP president. The decision has been taken in a one-on-one meeting between the two at 7 Lok Kalyan Marg, where PM Modi is believed to have told Shah to continue as the organisation head at least until the assembly elections of Bengal, which is slated for 2021, is over. MyNation has also reliably learned that PM Modi has expressed his wish to induct Sushma Swaraj back to the union cabinet, even after she declared a political sanyas of sorts ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha election.

Why will Amit Shah stay on?

There was widespread speculation that Shah may be inducted in the union cabinet in Modi 2.0 and may also be given the home portfolio. But if the information shared with MyNation is to be believed, both Shah and Modi are of the opinion that the man who is widely credited as 'chanakya' of BJP should be at the helm of the organisation till the Bengal election is over. Bengal will go to poll in 2021, but there has been indication that the state may see a government change as early as this November, as first reported by this website.

Though many MLAs are in touch with the BJP (40 of them as claimed by PM Modi), the TMC has a whopping 209 MLAs in a 295 member Bengal assembly. While exploring a coup is an ongoing process for the BJP, the party also wants to prepare for 2021, as a plan B. While a larger role is expected to be given to architect of BJP's Tripura win, Sunil Deodhar, the party understands that without Shah at helm, the discipline exhibited in the run up to the 2019 general election that fetched 18 seats from Bengal could be missing.

Also, before 2021, Bihar and Delhi will go to polls. With a weakened RJD and a not-so-powerful Nitish Kumar, the BJP wants to gain a larger role in the state. Chances of the BJP going solo cannot be rubbished either if seat-sharing doesn't meet the BJP's demand in renewed circumstances. But for that, a no-nonsense BJP president is a must, and only Shah fits the bill. So is the case with Delhi where the BJP wants to cash in on the rout of AAP in the recently concluded Lok Sabha election. With no unanimity of state leadership, a strong BJP president plays a crucial role.

Modi wants Sushma to join Modi 2.0

In a season of rumours that have been spreading faster than wildfire, MyNation can confirm that the Prime Minister himself expressed his wish to induct Sushma Swaraj in Modi 2.0. But it remains to be seen whether she agrees to it, considering that last November she declared her political 'sanyas'. On being asked about her Lok Sabha candidature she had said, "It is the party which decides, but I have made up my mind not to contest next elections".

But PM Modi is learned to have been keen to bring her through the Rajya Sabha route and wishes her to be at the helm of the Ministry of external affairs, which she has been widely praised for ably handling all throughout the last five years of the Modi government. Shah is believed to be tasked on Tuesday to talk to Swaraj with less than 48-hours to go for the swearing-in ceremony.

While Swaraj joining the Modi cabinet is subject to a nod from her, Shah staying on as BJP president is certain. MyNation earlier reported how the BJP constitution allows, against popular confusion over party president’s tenure, for Shah to become BJP president and continue, based on precedence, to be so even in 2024 when the BJP will seek a third consecutive term in government.